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@ Class-A
& Class A
Alterations of the sense of touch, generally making it more sensitive & pleasurable
@ Class-B
& Class B
Memory alteration & amnesiacs
@ Class-C
& Class C
increasing the bonding response
@ Class-D
& Class D
Mental disinhibition agents
@ Class-E
& Class E
Sedatives and assorted relaxing agents
@ Class-F
& Class F
helps with intrusive thoughts & makes implant mind fuckery work better
@ Class-G
& Class G
for gender (HRT)
@ Class-H
& Class H
@ Class-J
& Class J
Long term cuddly, good for pet cafes; short ramp-up/down of a few days?
@ Class-L
& Class L
Short term Class-Os, a bit weaker. Often administered as a series of tasty drinks that get the pet moderately high, followed by an activating injection that really gets it going!
@ Class-M
& Class M
makes u a doll; limp & blank & easily poseable, peaceful feelings. Sister xenodrug to Class-Ps
@ Class-N
& Class N
Orgasm control (denial; delay; forced; etc)
@ Class-O
& Class O
identity & thought obliterating, good for real difficult cases & injured cotyledons. Takes weeks to ramp up to, permanent afterwards without a lotta hard work to bring them down. A last resort for pets that cannot be comfortable otherwise for some reason. Some Class-o xenodrugs are produced using beeple honey as a component! Makes the subject's eyes amber (maybe)
@ Class-P
& Class P
Remote bodily control. Sister xenodrug to Class-Ms. Generally only used with florets who have received their Haustoric Implant to enable a method of control.
@ Class-V
& Class V
Miss_Praxis called dibs, for variable xenos? Compound drugs, for altered/enhanced xenos, (perhaps names range in the the name of the og drug + genome strand alteration for whatever species it is for.
@ Class-W
& Class W
Aphasia inducing xenodrugs. Examples: can make any attempts at speech turn into nonsense while preserving the subjects ability to understand other speech, vice versa, or both.
@ Class-Z
& Class Z
& Class-Z-wl
& Class Z wl
& Class Zwl
& Class-Z-h
& Class Zh
& Class Z h
& Class-Z0
& Class Z0
Sleep related xenodrugs, generally used to combat various insomnia
- **Class-Z-wl**: Gives you vibrant and vivid dreams that kind of. stick around like day dreams after you wake up
- **Class-Z-h**: Hibernation, for storage in life support pods.
- **Class-Z0**: Inhibit tiredness and sleep. Not suitable for long term usage
@ Apocynai
: Class-A
Induces feelings of euphoria, heightens the sense of touch, and makes the subject sleepy and lazy. Short acting. Analogous in some ways to terran cannabis
@ Cerynisil
& Terran Class-A Xenodrug Variant 14.103
: Terran Class-A Xenodrug Variant 14.103
Focus juice
Appears in *Nurtures & Acquisitions*
@ Solarbreak
: Class-C
> This {{Class-C}} {{xenodrug}} is really good, but cuties probably shouldnt try it without permission! The Solarbeak plant comes from an adorable little moon somewhere in the {{Pegasus galaxy}} and it was very very toxic to the {{natural inhabitants}} there! With a caring {{#TODO do humans have claws or hands? the nails get longer does that make them claws}} we made it much safer for them, and as a lucky coincidence it also fixes up a whole bunch of {{little brain things}} in the {{poor humans}}! Kind of a general top-up for {{brain chemistry}} and not much else. Probably mix it with something a {{bit more noticeable}}? Humans are {{really forgetful}}, but if you mix in something that feels good theyre sure to come back for more!! An essential component for most florets who suffer from {{brain chemistry stuff}}!!!
Appears in *Divaricated*